At Addicon Logistics Vietnam, we also provide excellent buyer consolidation services.  This is recommended if you have multiple suppliers in a single origin point.

Benefits of Buyer Consolidation Services 

There are a number of advantages of using buyer consolidation services. First, you can minimize your landed cost. Apart from that, you have lower transportation and handling fees. Also, you get to receive your packages faster because everything in the container will be yours alone. And most of all, consolidating your packages means there are lesser risks of damaging your items.   

Addicon, the Best Buyer Consolidation Service in Vietnam 

A lot of companies and agencies will claim that they are the best to provide the service. But Addicon Logistics has been able to surpass our client expectations throughout the years.

Here are the reasons why:  

  • Credibility in the Industry 

Many businesses would love to work with a service provider that has years of experience. To be able to stay in the industry is proof of how outstanding the services are.

With Addicon, we have been a major player in the industry. And this has allowed us to perfect our processes in terms of buyer consolidation. But don’t take our word for it. Our clients can prove this claim.

  • Reasonable Cost 

Another reason why we get more clients year after year is because of our competitive cost. Just so you know, there might be other service providers that will give you extremely cheap rates. But you have to be cautious. Check if their packages include all you need for a buyer consolidation service. Plus, their actual facility should play a huge role as well. It has to be safe and needs to have tight security.  

  • Trained Professionals and Representatives

And lastly, we value our customers. And that is why training our staff is essential.

With our company, we always train our staff before we allow them to transact with our clients. We want to deliver quality service every single time. And whenever you have concerns, they will be able to address it accordingly.