Medical Device Logistics & Distribution

Addicon Singapore is one of the best medical and logistics companies you can trust with all your medicines and other equipment. We ensure that our processes and solutions are according to the latest set standards. With us, all your medical devices and products will reach its destination efficiently and effectively.

In addition, our years of experience in the field is one of the contributing factors why we are a trusted transport and distribution partner of several medical organizations and companies.

Why Choose Addicon, Singapore?

We have been servicing different clients from various industries, including those in the medical industry. This shows the quality of service we provide our clients.

Authority in the Industry 

Since we are considered an authority in the industry, we are always updated with the latest trends and even regulations about medical logistics. With us, we guarantee that we will transport and deliver your products following all related laws.

Years of Professional Experience

Our company has been servicing multiple clients throughout the years. With that, we were able to create the best processes for medical logistics. Our contingency plans will ensure that everything will be delivered in a timely manner. And this is important considering that all equipment and products are critical.

World-Class Facilities

We invested in our facilities as we want to cater to most, if not all, industries. For medical needs, we are well aware that it has more complex requirements. Do not worry. We’ve got that covered. We have all the necessary storage rooms to maintain the right temperature and to ensure safety and security.

Strong Global Partnerships

We have created strong global relationships, which has paved the way in giving our clients the best possible service wherever they are. Whatever you need, we got it covered.

Best Possible Rates

At Addicon, our rates are reasonable, considering the vast array of services and even the quality you could get from our company. Every single dollar is worth it! Your savings can be used to expand your business further.

Well-Equipped Specialists

Our specialists are highly trained to answer all your questions in terms of medical logistics. Just give us a call, and we will be more than to help you.