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Security Policy page

Workplace Safety, Health and Security Policy

Our company, ADDICON LOGISTICS, recognizes workplace safety, health and security as its priority. We believe in people before profit. This commitment extends to our employees, contractors, suppliers, customer and other working partners.

In view of our commitment, we have trained our employees to identify hazards and control risks using appropriate measures in accordance with the hierarchy of risk control. We have also appointed a team of competent personnel to ensure all safety, health and security in and around the workplace. We believe all injuries/ incidents can be prevented and urge our people to report any unsafe conditions, unsafe acts and workplace incidents including near misses.

In view of terror attack prevention, we are committed to the SGSecure initiative and have implemented relevant measures to protect our people and nation. Our people are familiar with “RUN, HIDE, TELL” and “PRESS, TELL, TIE”.

Lastly, we are committed to comply with all applicable WSH legal and other requirements and continual improvement of our risk management system.