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Container Loading & Unloading

If you are looking for a company that could handle container loading and unloading, Addicon is one of the best choices. With years of experience and excellent client reviews, you can never go wrong with us. Different media outlets have recognized us due to the quality of our service, leadership, and our industry standing. 

Why Choose Addicon for Container Loading and Unloading?   

Learn why more companies trust us with their container loading and unloading requirements.

  • Years of Industry Experience 

As we’ve mentioned, Addicon has been in the industry for multiple years. This gives us a deeper understanding of what the business is all about. Thus, having a leverage in terms of providing strategies.

  • Safety and Security 

Apart from making sure that your products and goods are in top condition, we also see to it that our employees have a safe working environment. And that is why we always follow strict protocols. Our team members have to undergo a rigorous training before they can handle any type of loading and unloading equipment. 

  • Tailor-Fit Solutions 

We do not believe that there is a single way to handle container loading and unloading process. There are different factors to consider, and only experts could determine the right methods.

Here at Addicon Logistics, we have a team of professionals that could assess what your container needs to successfully load and unload its items. That way, there will be no risks of damaged goods and it can also maximize your business profit. 

  • Serving Variety of Industries

What sets Addicon apart from its competitors is that we can serve a wide range of industries. We can handle the container loading and unloading requirements of FMCG, oil & gas, fashion, and even medical devices. Whatever package you need our company to handle, we can do it for you. 

  • Top-Of-The-Line Equipment

At Addicon, we believe that keeping up with times is what will make our business stay longer in the industry. And that is why whenever applicable, we upgrade our equipment and systems to address the growing demands of container loading and unloading. 

Regular maintenance is also in place, ensuring that all our machines are working perfectly. 

  • Several Locations in Asia

Our operations have indeed grown over the years. In fact, we service several countries such as Singapore, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. To date, we already established partnerships in 46 countries. Having said that, we believe that Addicon will continue to grow year after year.  

Grow with us and allow our team to handle your loading and unloading requirements.