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Last Mile Fulfillment

Last Mile refers to the last leg of your product’s trip before it reaches its end user. Apparently, this is crucial to complete any transaction of goods. If you are managing an eCommerce business, you have to ensure that the agency that handles your last mile fulfillment is credible and could deliver on time.  

Remember, customers do not like to wait. And with Addicon, we guarantee that your products will be delivered according to the expected date and in optimal condition. 

Finding the Right Last Mile Carrier 

Looking for the best last mile provider is a crucial part of your eCommerce business. Thus, you have to take it seriously. They will be the last persons to handle your products before it reaches the customer. And so, before you seal a deal, here are a few things you have to remember when finding the right company to deliver your packages. 

  • Industry Leader 

If you wish for your eCommerce to grow further, it is a must that you associate or partner with companies that have already established themselves. In the case of logistics, look for an agency that has a clean track record. 

  • Area Coverage

And of course, you need to check if they can deliver to areas where you regularly send your packages and products. See if they can meet your requirements using the highest standards. 

Demand for Last Mile Fulfillment 

With the birth of eCommerce, there was a drastic demand for last mile fulfillment services. While most companies claim that they can do the job, there’s no proof supporting that claim. However, here at Addicon, we have years of experience in the industry. This allowed us to master one of the hardest legs of the supply chain. We already have a system in place proven to work.

Without the help of a good logistics company, it will be harder for your business to gain customer loyalty. No matter how good your products are, if it is undelivered on time or was delivered in bad condition, it could tarnish your company’s reputation. Do not let that happen by choosing the right last mile fulfillment provider. Addicon is here to help, and we service several locations in Asia.