Shipping Service in Cambodia

Your quest in finding the right air and sea freight forwarder in Cambodia has come to an end. Addicon Logistics is one of the best in Asia. Don’t take our word for it. Media outlets and our clients have already recognized Addicon’s contribution to the industry. With our services, we guarantee that your products and goods will be delivered right on time.

Addicon Logistics has been a strong player in the freight forwarding industry ever since. Given its years of experience, industry expertise, advanced equipment, and skilled professionals, we are able to provide an outstanding service every single time.

Here are some of the reasons why Addicon Logistics in Cambodia maintains to have a large pool of clientele.

  • Trusted by Several Businesses

Companies from different industries trust Addicon Logistics in the transportation of their goods and products. Since we have already invested on the latest technology, we can handle and deliver anything. If you are in the fashion industry, food, or pharmaceutical, our facilities are perfect for your distribution needs.  We treat all cargo container and even smaller parcel shipments equally and we handle it with care.

  • Strong Partnership with Industry Organizations

Aside from our office locations around Asia, we were able to build international network and partnerships in other offshore regions. This enables us to also expand our operations.

  • Competitive Rates

As we want your business in Cambodia to flourish, we offer competitive rates for our courier services. These are ideal even for startup companies wanting to penetrate a wider market.  If you want to learn more, the next step is to reach out to us. Our representatives will accommodate your inquiries so you can have a further idea what to expect from our agency. 

  • Trained Professionals

At Addicon logistics, we are aware of the risks involve when transporting goods. And that is why we invest on our man power as well. We do not just let them handle container, cargo, or even parcels without giving them the right amount of training. We want to ensure that they are completely ready to take on their job roles. 

To date, we have around 149 staff passionately working around Asia to help your business with your logistics needs.

  • Customized Air & Sea Freight Solutions

Contrary to what most people think, air & sea freight industry involves a complex process. There’s no single solution for all businesses and industries. But Addicon Logistics has mastered all the ropes and perfected our system to help you. We understand what your business requirements are and our experts will strategize how we can transport your goods and services the most efficient way.

Other shipping agencies in Cambodia might claim that they could accommodate your business requirements. But it’s always important to do your research. If possible, ask for references to gauge if the international courier service will work best for your needs. See if they have a wide network and the right equipment for larger shipments.