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Air & Sea Freight Forwarding

International Shipping Services

Addicon Logistics is one of the leading international courier services with several presence all over Asia. This includes Singapore, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. 

With our professional team, advanced technology, and industry network, we are able to transport your packages either via air or sea freight forwarding. You can trust that your products will be delivered in optimal condition. 

Throughout the years, we have expanded our services, and we are now able to cater everything you need from an international forwarder.

Here’s what to expect if you decide to work with our company. 

  • Timely Delivery

We understand that schedules for shipments are highly based on your business operations. Thus, we want to ensure that all our deliveries are on time and according to the agreed schedule. Our years of experience coupled with our advanced technology and systems allow us to estimate the precise duration of product deliveries. 

  • Safety and Security

At Addicon, we handle every parcel with utmost care. Depending on your products, we have the right equipment to ensure it will be delivered in its best condition. 

  • Warehousing 

Being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your offshore courier and shipping requirements, our company also has its own warehousing facilities. We even provide climate-controlled storage for your special products.  

  • Personalized Logistics Solutions 

With Addicon Logistics, we evaluate your business needs to provide the most appropriate and best solutions. Experts would agree that logistics isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We have to consider your actual product, locations, and even resources. From there, we will provide our expert assessment and suggest the best ways we can deliver your products.  

We are your partner in building more growth for your business.  

Choosing the Right Air and Sea Freight Forwarder 

A quick search online will give you hundreds of forwarding services around the globe. However, the real concern is if an agency can handle your shipping requirements. You need to look for a company with years of professional experience in transporting a variety of goods and products. 

In addition, one should have a wide network, and must be up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. This will make their solutions more efficient while ensuring safety and security. And of course, search for a service provider that has outstanding customer service. All of these can be found in Addicon Logistics.

Our air and sea forwarding company is even affiliated with several logistics associations in Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia. We are also a member of different groups such as FIATA, IATA, WPA, and WCA, to name a few. These recognitions and affiliations show the company’s credibility and authority in the industry.