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Garments On Hanger

Addicon offers Garments on Hanger services. If you are in the fashion industry, working with us could be one of the best business decisions you will make. Over the years, our clients have been more than satisfied with the quality of our services.  

Should you wish to find out more, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

What is Garments on Hanger?

Other people refer to this as ‘hangtainer’ or containers converted to transport clothes on hangers. The containers are thoroughly cleaned and lined up to make sure that your clothes will stay clean until it reaches your stores. 

Why Do Our Clients Stay with Us?

Learn why our clients trust our services.  

  • Cost-Savings

One of the common reasons why more and more clients trust our company is that we can cut down your operations cost through our garments on hanger service. Without this, you still need to allocate a budget for unpacking, cleaning, and flat packing of your garments. Let’s not forget the cost of steaming. 

Imagine the money and labor you will need for hundreds of items.

  • Safe and Secure Handling 

Our experts understand what your garments specifically need, and we will make sure that it will be delivered to your store in mint condition. We provide solutions perfect for your requirements.  

  • Wide Network in Several Locations in Asia 

If you have stores all around Asia, Addicon’s services could certainly help you. Because of our presence in multiple countries, we can coordinate fast and it makes it easier to transport your goods. Aside from our offices, we have also established partnerships with different agencies across the globe.  

  • Impeccable Customer Service 

At Addicon, we value all our clients. You can expect the same premium services regardless of the size of your business. Whenever you need anything, our professional representatives will accommodate your questions. They are well-equipped with industry knowledge and of course, our internal processes. Thus, they will able to assist you if you have concerns.

They are courteous and will treat you with high respect.  

  • On-Time Delivery

Timing is crucial in the fashion industry. What is trendy this season might be outdated in a few months. If there are delays in the shipment, your business might lose opportunities. Don’t let that happen.  Addicon Logistics makes sure that your products are delivered on time.  

For years, we’ve seen our clients’ businesses grow and we are happy to be part with it.